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Consumer Credit Counseling Service 

FamilyMeans CCCS offers free Budget and Credit Counseling to MN & WI residents.  We assess your household finances and explore debt repayment options. To help you understand federal student loan repayment options, we also offer Student Loan Counseling.  To GET STARTED online, choose 'Debt Management' below. 

Already have a client ID & PIN?: Click Here  Please do not create a new account.

If you do not have an ID & PIN: Choose the Debt Management option below and click NEXT to begin. Read the Privacy Notice and Disclosure Policy - click ACCEPT if you wish to continue to the registration page.

Before you begin, it will be helpful to have the following available: 

  • Monthly Income for Applicant and Co-Applicant (gross and net)
  • Outstanding Debt and Credit Card Statements (who you owe, current balances, monthly payment and interest rate) 
  • Household expense amounts and monthly/quarterly bills (Budget section is very detailed)

NOTE: For a full assessment (may take you 30 minutes or more) you must complete the Expense and Debt sections.  Once you "Submit", you will hear from us the next business day.


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